I was itchy. I was irritated. My skin and scalp were dry and sensitive.
It was the height of the pandemic lockdown, and nothing was providing me relief.
Then I remembered the benefits of apple cider vinegar. Armed with a bottle from my local natural food store, I took matters into my own hands (and scalp). Developing my own blend of all-natural ingredients with apple cider vinegar as the star of the show, I created a hair mask that not only soothed my delicate scalp but made my hair stronger and thicker.
But then – it was gone!

I could not find my personally curated hair mask anywhere. My scalp was in desperate need of the only thing that gave it salvation.
Where was it? Did I simply misplace it? Was this magic naturally soothing hair mask all a dream? No!

My apple cider vinegar hair mask proved to be so effective that, for the first time in our relationship, my teenage daughter stole one of my products for herself. And frankly, there is no higher endorsement than that. It was also an inspiration!

I’m not the only itchy and/or scratchy person I know. My daughter is one of many people in my life who prefer to exclusively use all natural products.

The benefits of apple cider vinegar must be shared with everyone!
All natural, small batch apple cider vinegar-based skin and hair care.
Made by my itchy self. For my scratchy self. Approved by my teenage daughter.

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